Fulcrum Team Building & Culver City PD


Safe to say, everyone was grumpy this morning when we all were woken up by the fire alarm at 5am, which had a voice over telling us “to evacuate the building immediately” – meanwhile whilst everyone was panicking I was calm and collective unlike many of the others who were terrified. Lyndsey obviously still fast asleep in bed. Finally allowed back to our rooms and slept for a further 2 hours then up and off we were for the team building session which taught me many skills for co-operating and we worked very well as a team. Then we went on to Culver City, where we had a tour round the police department and asked questions and watched cameras throughout the city where they patrol. 

We then went for our leaving dinner where we all said thank you and received certificates and a congratulations for making the trip and creating amazing memories and friends. 

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