Huntington Beach


So today was the first official day, if I’m to count on this day for the rest of the trip I can say that it is going to be amazing! Firstly, we went to Huntington Beach PD, where we received a tour around the department, where we could see dispatch, the offices, rooms full of files regarding cases, accidents and incidents, we also were told that the main crimes in the area were drugs, alcohol, and road collisions. In Huntington alone they have around 15 fatal travel accidents a year, which is a very high amount in Los Angeles. We then travelled to the fire department which was also where the helicopter was kept, and the horses, K9 etc, we were able to receive demonstrations from all aspects of the Huntington police department. I also got to speak to the police officer who handled dogs that found narcotics, drugs and bodies. This is when I was able to tell interact with someone about my uncles job in the police. After this we were escorted to the beach, we were in “the big blue bus” we had police bikes to the left and right of us, and police cars at the front and rear, which stopped traffic in order for us to reach our destination. As we left the bus, speechless, I couldn’t believe it just like it is in the movies, we were greeted by the lifeguards & coast guards who led us to the sea front where we all laid out our matching towels (with the American flags on) and ran in to the sea, which was remarkably warm once you had been in for a while, that this point it was time to ourselves.. we played volleyball and other sports, then did some shopping. We then went to the City council meeting, where us as the IPA were broadcasted live throughout Los Angeles and the citizens were told about who we are and what we do. We then had pizza at Huntington police department and started our journey back to UCLA, when we returned, everyone was so tired and slept..  Are you ready for the next day??

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