Itinerary for the trip!

Wow. I can’t believe how much we are going to get up to whilst we are here, all of this in 2 weeks, I will definitely be sleeping for the following 2 weeks of this trip! Roll on our IYG adventure! 

After orientation today, one of the UCLA police officers came in to speak to us and explain to us what they do and how things run smoothly at UCLA. 

Everyone finally got to meet one another and find out new and interesting things about each other & other countries from around the world including students from Australia, New Zealand, America, Hong Kong, and countries all across Europe. 

(At this point of the trip, we were missing Micheal from the Czech Republic who didn’t arrive for 3 days due to being caught in the Turkey coup, then when finally arriving his luggage was still in Paris which then took a further 2 days to arrive!)

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