Six Flags, Magic Mountain


Today was the first theme park!! Which was in Santa Clarita, in the valley (pushing 39′) it was far too warm. Luckily when queuing for the rides, many were in the shade and had water pumps. We were astounded when we went to buy a drink from a vending machine whilst in line for our first rollercoaster and it was $7, It was definitely worth it rather than suffering from dehydration! Me and Lyndsey from New York had tacos for dinner, before going on our 8th rollercoaster (didn’t feel too good afterwards). We had a meeting time of 9pm so that we could go back to the bus and get back to UCLA fairly early, so we could relax, shower, etc. Obviously people were late, buying souvenirs, mainly from the jelly bean shop. When we arrived back to UCLA, after the long bus ride which was pretty much made up of everyone with their headphones in, fast asleep and appreciating the air conditioning, the que was ridiculous for the shower, I had to wait 2 hours for the shower, it was nice to catch up with my parents and younger brother over FaceTime. Anyway, need to sleep! Night xxx 

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