US Bank Skyscape & Slide


I honestly don’t even know how to describe this.. breath taking and jaw dropping experience. Everyone was laughing and smiling, apart from a couple of people who were afraid of heights and really didn’t want to take part; however, I worked my magic made them fully aware of how save it was (I actually think I was trying to convince myself too!) so everyone would go on the slide. When we reached the Skyscape, the view was insane. I was speechless, absolutely incredible, 360′ panoramic views of Los Angeles from above. Wow. I just can not describe it to you, guess you’ll just have to come visit yourself? 

Everyone had photographs taken together, group photographs, friendship group photographs and obviously photos of the impeccable view! I told you!!As you can probably tell, I’m very content here!! Danielle, California. Me. Racheal, New Zealand. Courtney.

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